Zombie Army 4 Review

Some things in this life are just made for each other. Bacon and cobs, Pizza and myself and killing Nazi’s and Rebellion, Its a match made in heaven, or hell in the case of Zombie Army 4.

Set in 1946, Zombie Army 4 sees a band of heroes tackle the hordes of Nazi zombies to send them back to hell. Think Call of Duty Zombie mode if you will, but on steroids. Zombie Army 4 just turns everything up to 11. The game never takes itself too seriously, and neither should it. We are killing hordes of Nazi’s including giant brutes with minguns afterall. Zombie Army 4 doesn’t need to be serious though, because the fun to be had here is the serious business. Blasting a suicdal Nazi in the nuts puts a smile on anyones face.

Under the amusement park of fun though, is a gem of a game. Either working on your own or with friends, Zombie Army 4 has everything you’d want in a Rebellion game, over the top fun. A full fledged story mode can be played with up to three other friends, which always leads to some of the most amusing moments. Each player picks a hero with a set of upgradeable perks to play as. Each time you play can be different due to the customisation of perks for a unique playstyle. Add in the vast amount of boosts available on each map too, most of which are hidden away waiting to be discovered, and you have a vastly replayabe story mode. Story mode also adjusts its difficulty to scale with the number of players, again another great touch. 

Rebellion has also brought back intractable traps from Strange Brigade. Activating one of these traps can kill a horde of zombies in an amusing splatter of zombie guts. With its array of upgrades,  environmental traps and endless hordes, Zombie Army 4 keeps you in the dismembered body of your enemies throughout the solid campaign. Just sit back and enjoy the ride! I don’t want to spoil some of the great enemies, but trust me its worth the price of admission just for the Zombie tank.

Playing on the PS4 Pro, Zombie Army 4 looks and sounds great. Its environments and characters are great looking and very easy on the eye. Some of the most unique enemy designs help to propel Zombie Army 4 to the upper echelons of Zombie games. It’s a call back to the fun that Left For Dead and the original CoD Zombies had, but a lot more fleshed out.

For any Zombie shooter fan, or Sniper Elite, Zombie Army 4 is a must buy. Rebellion has smashed it out of the park again. Just like Sniper Elite V2 put a huge smile on my face back in 2012, Zombie Army 4 has done the same in 2020, showing Rebellion can put a big fat smile on anyone’s face.


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