Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Review

Objection your honour

As anyone that’s a frequent reader of GGD knows, I love visual novels. So when Capcom sent me the newly released Ace Attorney HD trilogy on PS4, I couldn’t wait to revisit this classic trilogy. Originally launched on the Gameboy Advance in Japan and in the West a few years later on the Nintendo DS. Ace Attorney is the original Visual Novel and paved the way for Danganrompa, Punch Line and many more.

For the uninitiated, Ace Attorney follows a young lawyer, Phoenix Wright. Phoenix prides himself on the righteous. Your first case is for a friend, who is wrongly accused of murder. You get to the bottom of the crime and true culprit by shouting ‘objection’ a lot.

During the case you will be given evidence to study. If your sad like myself you will take notes on a Google Docs sheet, or if you’re smart you can just remember the facts. Then while listening to testimonies you can use your evidence to poke holes in people’s stories. As you shout ‘objection’ and get to the bottom of the truth, the crime becomes more clear until you finally crack the case. Some of the cases are incredible and really test your memory and imagination to solve. What starts out as a simple murder evolves the story into an incredible overarching story that will keep you playing through the trilogy.

Backing up the incredibly well designed crimes is some comically over the top Japanese writing. One of my favourite parts of Ace Attorney is this writing. You go from something as serious as a killing to the light comedy of facial expressions and classic Japanese humour from the over the top characters. NANI?!?! The writing and over the top anime style characters made me laugh several times. They really helped break up the seriousness of the crime and remind you, you’re playing a game to have fun.

Each crime can take up to 2 hours to solve if you think about them properly, and the great writing makes this time fly. I found my wife and I playing an episode most nights before bed. Ace Attorney is the perfect game for gamers and non gamers alike. It’s simple game play consists of just menus so anyone can play.

With this being a full remaster of the original Gameboy Advance games, it looks absolutely stunning. The anime faces are fantastically realised in HD. Including the original trilogy, this is a must buy for any Ace Attorney fan or Visual Novel fan. The pricing is fantastic too and is cheaper then buying the trilogy on 3DS. Add in a fantastic trophy list and you have another incredible Capcom release.

This year they have smashed the market with Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5 and remasters of Onimusha and now Ace Attorney and soon Dragon’s Dogma on Switch, it really is the revival of Capcom.


A huge thank you to Seklls over at Capcom UK for the code.

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