Monster Hunter World: Iceborne PC Review

If you are a fan of Grumpy Gaming Dads, then you will know I absolutely love Monster Hunter World. When Capcom released Iceborne last year I was sucked back in and hooked all over again. Finally Iceborne is available on PC &  I was lucky enough to get early access. 

Instead of retreading old ground I will leave my PS4 Iceborne review here and instead just focus on the PC performance.

I ran Iceborne on a 2K monitor with my 1070GTX and with a few little tweaks managed a solid 60 frames per second. This magical number is a huge upgrade compared to the 30 to 45 FPS we see from the PS4 Pro version of the game. A solid 60 FPS really helps especially when the Monster gets enraged. Those extra frames make the dodge, roll, or Long Sword Slash a lot more responsive and perfectly timed. The stunning 2K details on the armour and Monsters really add to the emursion too. The scales on an Azure Rathalos really pop with a bright blue, or the intense red from its fire breath. With a better PC true 4K is achievable and Capcom have even released an HD texture pack for World to add even more details to this lush beautiful game.

Aside from the incredible looking graphics and frame rates, loading times are incredibly fast too. From posting a quest and eating to being in the hunt takes less than 45 seconds. It’s incredibly fast, and that’s without using an SSD too. SSD’s see hunt load times of mere seconds. 

Unfortunately the PC port has not been without its problems. Personally my only problem was adjusting the settings for a perfect 60FPS 2K gameplay, however some people have reported their saver files being deleted randomly. This is a huge problem and fourntuantly Capcom are already working on a patch that should be out very soon. In the meantime I recommend backing up your saves.

When it comes to actually playing Iceborne, I can’t recommend a PS4 or Xbox One controller enough. Mouse and Keyboard is fine if you want, but playing on a controller is definitely the best way to experience Iceborne.

Iceborne on PC is all about looking fantastic and keeping you right in the hunt with incredibly fast load times. Iceborne emphasis on the thrill of the most challenging hunt is doubled down on, with the PC version. From it’s stunning visuals and frame rates to its incredibly fast load times, Iceborne gets you to the action faster and more visually stunning than ever before.

Iceborne on PC is simply the best way to play. Honestly, I can’t see myself returning to the PS4 version of the game.


A huge thanks to Capcom UK & Lick PR.

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