Modern Warfare Remastered: The Sad Tale of a Man Trying to Play a Game.

This isn’t a review.

This is a story.

We all know how good Modern Warfare was, and rightfully so, still is.

It was a game that when originally released many years ago I refused to play, seeing it as a game that’s ‘just not my kind of game’.

However, my great, late, friend Kyle one day forced me at point blank range with a weapon and made me play it. Well, that’s not true at all, basically, we were in his bedroom, he said ‘I bet you can’t kill the man with one bullet’ so in the words of Barney Stinson… ‘Challenge accepted’ I said (even though COD MW4 predates Barney, it’s just to add effect).

So, I did it, it wasn’t hard at all, as this was on pc and I’m a pretty good aim on pc, more so than on a controller. But after that, I found myself playing Modern Warfare. Not all the wa through, but little bits here and there.

 It wasn’t until the third title had been released years later, I thought, ‘I’m going to play them all in one go’.

And it’s safe to say, it’s such an amazing series, I really had a misconception about it originally, and I take it back, it’s a fantastic series.

Though, I never played online.

So, PS Plus, they had Modern Warfare Remastered this month, how could I not download it and play it again?

I was so happy, took a few hours to download, and install, and I found myself in the single player campaign of this remastered beauty.

But then…

I managed to complete the training mission without an issue, but just as Yasir Al-Fulani gets shot in the head by Khaled Al-Asad the game froze. Not only that, my PlayStation 4 slowed down to the point of hardly working at all. A full reboot sorted it, however it meant I had to boot the game up again.

This time though, Yasir died the way he should, the loading screen before the second mission came up and after about five minutes of waiting, I began to get concerns. The game had frozen again. Ok, that strike two right there, this isn’t good at all, but maybe it was a bad download?

I did uninstall the game and I redownloaded it again. Started a new game and everything seemed to work fine, until the mission where the player must defend the tank in the Bog. I was just approaching a door way when an enemy jumped out at me and the whole friggin game froze a-friggin-gain.

I didn’t shut the game down this time, I just put my PlayStation 4 into sleep mode, I was fuming!

The nest day, I booted up my PlayStation 4 and to my surprise, the game was working, stupid me though, forgot what I was doing at the time and the enemy in the doorway killed me within seconds.

Anyhow, I decided not to go back into single player and give multiplayer a chance. Which, also, was met with issues. The first game I played was all fine, it was the second game that was the kicker. I got logged off mid game due to ‘server error’, a very ambiguous term used. It took several attempts to get back into another game, and just as First Blood was drawn, my game froze.

Phil, then received a very angry text message from me.

Safe to say, there was only one more issue to come.

When I finally, and I mean finally managed to get some uninterrupted play time, the game was working fine, we had an understanding that, I wouldn’t uninstall the game as long as it didn’t crash again. It seemed to work fine. Five missions in on single player and I’m loving it, but, outta nowhere like an RKO, my screen freezes, it goes blue, it says ‘you have been logged out because you have signed into another PlayStation’. At that moment, I see red, as it was instantly clear, the 12-year-old boy that legally I call my son had logged into my account to download a game for his PlayStation.

Absolutely Fuming.

There is a happy ending here though, the game has worked perfectly fine since, and me and Phil have been having a blast playing multiplayer together. The game though, is still, fantastic.

I’m so glad, my friend Kyle made me play that ‘One Shot, One Kill’ level all them years ago, thanks friend, miss you.

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