MK 11 Aftermath Review

When I reviewed Mortal Kombat 11 last year I gave it a 9.9. For a fighting game, MK11 was as near perfect as you can get. It’s visually stunning story mode carried on the story from MKX. It’s robust tutorial mode went in-depth on every fighting game basic up to the more advanced mechanics like whiff punishing and more. Add in a robust cast of characters and the endlessly enjoyable Towers Of Time and you have the perfect all round fighting game. 

A year on and Nether Realm are back with MK11: Aftermath. A huge story expansion to the MK11 story, three new characters with Fujin, Sheeva & Robo Cop, and a huge balance update to the game. Coming in at £35, Aftermath is a tad on the expensive side personally, but the stellar story mode and some of the most fun DLC characters to date, make the asking price a valid one. 

For those who don’t purchase the DLC though, you still get some new stages, the balance update and more importantly, Friendships. Friendships have been a long running staple of Mortal Kombat and in 11 they are bigger and better than ever before. From Sub Zero pulling up on his ice cream bike, to Fujin flying his kite. Friendships make light fun of Mortal Kombat’s otherwise over the top brutal nature. Just do Sheeva’s stomp Fatality if you want to see what I mean. 

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As for the story mode, it comes in around 5 hours give or take and focus on my favourite MK character, Shang Tsung. The sorcerer’s intentions seem legitimate at first but the true nature of his plan leads to a climactic ending. Without saying more it’s definitely worth playing for any Mortal Kombat lore fans. 

 Aftermath breathes new life into a game that is already stacked with content. The huge cast of characters grows by the addition of Sheeva, Fujin and Robo Cop and the balance patch and friendships help revitalise the online component. 

Aftermath wasn’t really needed as MK11 was already a huge game, but it’s definitely a welcome addition. The story mode and new features really help propel Mortal Kombat 11 to a new level. I look forward to see what Neather Realm have planned next. 


Thanks to Warner Bros for the code and media access.

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