Mega Man Legacy Zero/ZX Collection Review

The latest Mega Man collection to hit consoles is Mega Man Legacy Zero/ZX Legacy Collection. A collection of the beloved Mega Man Zero games from Gameboy Advance. This epic collection of six games sees us play as X’s rather spunkier robot brother, Zero. This long haired sword wielding bad ass runs, jumps and slashes his way through Mega Man Zero, Mega Man Zero 2, Mega Man Zero 3, Mega Man Zero 4 and I’m addition, Mega Man ZX and Mega Man ZX Advent. 

Unlike the more grounded traditional Mega Man games, the Zero/ZX Collection really emphasizes dashing and slashing. Zero and his sword are awoken around 100 years after the Mega Man X series comes to a close. Awoken by Ciel, a resistance fighter, Zero is thrust into action to stop the evil organisation Neo Arcadia, ran by X himself. 

It’s somewhat refreshing to have a great story put together at the very beginning of a Mega Man game. What’s not so refreshing is the legacy of difficulty the Zero games have. Fortunately they seem to be somewhat easier then the originals and as you play through the collection, new ideas and improvements really help with the learning curve. It’s not exactly the Dark Souls of Mega Man games, but like all Mega Man games, it may take a little while to adjust. 


It’s well worth the adjustment though when you get into the sword swinging of things. Afterall, Zero is one bad ass looking dude. To accompany this awesome look is a grading system. Most levels are the tried and much loved Mega Man formula. Jump and slash a bunch of enemies on the way to a final showdown  with that level’s boss. Zero adds style though with a grading system for each level. For the very best grades, you will have to be fast and aggressive. It’s a really nice mix up to the more slow paced original Mega Man games. 

By the time you get towards the layer games, the ranking system really shines. With exclusive rewards from bosses depending on the rank you achieved. It’s a rather refreshing and enjoyable way of playing, and adds replay value on what’s already a great value collection priced around £25. 

Though I haven’t had much hands on with the DS games Mega Man ZX/Advent, I can report it’s a change up to the formula. ZX/Advent adds some exploration elements in for good measure. A rather welcome addition for some long time Mega Man fans. 

Overall, the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection is another incredible collection from Capcom. Packed to the brim with Mega Man goodness and incredible gameplay, the Zero/ZX Collection is another must buy for long time, or even new fans to the series. 

Mega Man Zero/ZX Collection is available now on Steam, PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch. 

Thanks to Capcom UK for the code.

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