Gwent Comes To Android

CD Projekt Red’s hugely popular online card game, Gwent, came to Android recently and CD Projekt hooked me up with an account to check it out.

If you played The Witcher 3 (and i hope you did, it’s one of the best RPG’s of the past decade) then you probably came across Gwent. Witcher 3 featured a basic version of Gwent that was highly addicting, and winning the tournament and filling out my collection was one of my favourite parts of the Platinum trophy. 

Off the back of Gwent’s popularity, CD Projekt released a much deeper version on PC a few years back. After a few reiterations, CD hit gold with the very beginner friendly version. And now you can play that version on your Android device. Being an avid card game player, It’s nice to see such an incredibly deep tutorial that really easese a new player into Gwent’s rather robust set of mechanics. PLayers of Gwent on The Witcher 3 will find some similarities like board positioning and general rules, but cards have had a huge overhaul. Many cards feature abilities that can work together to bring you success. 

Each player has to win Two rounds to win the game. You draw 10 cards from your premade deck at the start of the game. You can ‘mulligan’ a few cards to try and draw into more of your key combo cards. Each card has a number which relates to its attack value. Each card you play increases your overall attack value. Each player can decide to stop playing cards in a round if they wish to save more for the next round. Sometimes it’s best to play some high attack cards to put up a big number and hope the opponent has to spend more cards to win the round, thus giving you the card advantage going forward.

Every card you play has a real impact on the game. It could be buffing your own minions, or playing weather cards to drag down the attack of your opponents. Gwent has some very deep and thoughtful mechanics behind it, and outsmarting your opponent and winning is a great feeling.

Gwent does let you pay for card packs to fill out your collection quicker, but this isn’t truly necessary. Unlike other card games, Gwent is really good with handing out rewards to help you build more and more decks.

Overall Gwent is an excellent addition to the Google Play Store. It’s a simple to learn and play card game that you can spend 10 minutes to 10 hours a day playing. Plus all your collection is shared across the PC, Android and Apple versions of the game!

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