Forza Horizon 4’s Seasons Are A Breath Of Fresh Air

In driving games we’ve had weather for a while. With the introduction of dynamic weather the track could go from dry to wet and back to dry by the end of the race. Forza Horizon 4 takes racing game weather to the next level though.


Horizon 4 introduces seasons. When you first start the game it’s summer. During summer it’s nice and dry which means plenty of grip on the tarmac. Cars stick to the roads like glue. With it being dry, riverbeds are lower meaning new areas to explore and smash through some new boards only available during summer.


As we reach Autumn the leaves fall and the whole landscape changes with it. Slippery roads mean no going around a corner at 150 mph. Off road tracks are also more unstable, meaning more power slides around the rally course.


When Winter arrives so does the snow. Every road feels like a rally track now. Slippery surface and no grip means driving around in a La Ferrari is just not going to work. Time to bust out the rally car for some incredible snow powered power slides.


When Spring rolls around you can get out the La Ferrari again, but you best have a good grip on wet racing. As water sprays your screen you best hold that slide otherwise that £2,000,000 car is going to be a write off.


The dynamics of each season always change the way you are going to race and drive. Doing street races in the middle of winter is a completely different challenge then in the summer. While doing a street race in a rally car in winter makes sense, doing it in summer will leave you feeling a fool.


For me the seasons keep the racing exciting. While playing online, season change every week. At the time of writing it’s summer so super cars are everywhere, in 2 weeks only the brave and stupid will be in a super car when it’s snowing.


A full Forza Horizon 4 Review will be up later this week, but if you like a fun racing game that’s full of little challenges and fun races, then Horizon 4 is definitely for you.


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