CPT Online Europe West: Three Killers To Keep An Eye On

This weekend sees the return to action for some of the biggest names in European Street Fighter. Evo champions Problem X & Luffy are sure to be on the top of most people’s lists along with Infexious, Hurricane & Takamura to take that converted Capcom Cup place. 

However I want to focus on some lesser known players that could cause an upset or two on the way to top 8. 

Shivs – Laura/Menat

Many European players know Shivs. He’s a popular Twitch streamer and has competed at many offline European events over the last few years. His Laura has some dirty mix up potential and can take a first to two off any player. Add in a very solid Menat, probably the best Menat in Europe, and Shivs has a solid foundation to make a solid run into top 8. 

Catch Shivs weekdays over at https://www.twitch.tv/shivs_

ADTerminal – Urien

ADTerminal, much like Shivs, has been wrecking European CPT events for the past few years. With one of the best Uriens in Europe, and Urien’s recent buffs, ADTerminal looks like a solid pick for a top 8 run. With some saying Urien is top tier this season, ADTerminal has a solid chance to cause more havoc on the way through his bracket. Add in some Urien online madness and dashes, and I see a solid run from the Urien master.

Musclenoob – Ken

Musclenoob is a personal pick, but don’t let that fool you. His Ken can put you in the blender and make you guess for the game before you know what happened. With some of the best hit confirms and reactions to boot, Musclenoob stands a solid chance of a top 16 run. Add in some solid results in Salt Mine League recently, and this weekend could really put Musclenoob on the map. 

Catch Musclenoob weekdays at https://www.twitch.tv/musclenoob

That’s my personal three picks to cause an upset or two along the way to Top 8 this weekend. With the brackets now up on Smash.gg who do you fancy to make it through to the finals on Sunday?

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