5 Games For The Gamer In Your Life

So the holidays are upon us and you may be looking for that last minute Christmas gift for the gamer in your life. Look no further. Here’s Grumpy Gaming Dads top 5 recommended gifts this festive season

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

A must for all First Person Shooter fans out there. Activision’s long running series is back with a soft reboot of 2007’s Call of Duty 4. With a more slow paced and methodical play style, this is a return to the roots that made CoD a household name 12 years ago. With plenty of free updates including maps, game modes and guns, Modern Warfare will keep the gamer in your life busy for months to come

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima has been making incredible story driven games for decades, and his latest entry, Death Stranding, is another to add to his stella CV. This story focused game sees you play the roll of Sam Porter Bridge’s, a delivery man in a post apocalyptic world. It’s incredible 50 hours campaign keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. Add in Kojima’s brand of crazy storytelling and 4th wall breaking directing, Death Stranding is a must for any Kojima fans.

Civilization 6

Civilization is one of the best strategy games on PC, and now its on PS4 & Xbox One too. Civilization 6 sees you build your settlement from rubble to a global powerhouse. Make deals with some of the world’s most famous minds, or take them on in wars spanning decades. With huge maps featuring up to 8 leader and 40 small countries, a simple game can take weeks. Civilization 6 is the go to strategy game, and it feels right at home on PS4 & Xbox One. 

Monster Hunter: Iceborne

Monster Hunter World smashed sales record for Capcom when it launched last year. And now the new expansion Iceborne is here to do the same. Hunt huge monsters across different environments with up to 4 player multiplayer. Challenge yourself in Icebornes new master rank. And relax with friends while hunting for that perfect fashion piece. Monster Hunter Iceborne is an incredible jump on point for any one whos been interested in the franchise.

Sega Mega Drive Mini

Growing up as a gamer you were a Sega or Nintendo kid. To celebrate this Sega has launched the Mega Drive Mini to relive those childhood dreams. Packed with over 40 of the consoles best games, the Mega Drive Mini is a must for some retro nostalgia over the Christmas break. Packing in two controllers and plenty of multiplayer gems too, bring out the couch coop this christmas.

And that’s our list of recommended games this festive season. A huge thank you to Activison, 2K & Capcom for helping with this list.

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